My Place: application guidelines


My Place is a grant scheme from the Elmley Foundation and the Herefordshire’s A Great Place project. It has been created so community groups can commission professional artists to produce new artwork or arts activities across Herefordshire that celebrates local history and stimulates pride in the places we live.

You can apply for a grant of up to £2,000. We are keen to support projects which have also raised funds from other sources, such as ticket sales, sponsorship or other grants.

To be eligible for My Place funding your application must: 

  • Come from a community group based in Herefordshire. Our definition of a community group is a group of any size whose members share locality and/or common goals, passions or plans that will be of public benefit. The group must be constituted or have a ‘set of rules’ in place.
  • Involve expenditure on a professional artist/s and the creation or development of artwork or arts activities.
  • Tell us how the artwork or arts activity celebrates local history or heritage.
  • Tell us how the artwork or arts activity communicates what makes ‘your place’ special.
  • Acknowledge that your project will be completed within 9 months of receiving an Offer of Funding letter.

Priority will be given to projects which address one or more of the following:

  • The relationship between the arts and heritage in Herefordshire
  • Bringing arts to areas of Herefordshire where there is little or no existing arts activity
  • Encourage new audiences to experience arts activities
  • Encourage and develop public participation in new arts activities
  • Involve people who might otherwise be prevented or deterred from taking part

My Place grants cannot fund:

  • Local Authorities or other statutory bodies
  • Activities exclusively for school children or college students in school/college time
  • Applications from individuals
  • Projects where the person submitting the application will get paid from the grant
  • Projects with a total cost of over £10,000
  • Projects which have already taken place
  • Events intended to raise funds for non‐arts causes
  •  Requests to pay off loans or deficits

Please note that we expect to receive more applications than we have funds to support. Even if an application fits the My Place priorities, it may not be possible to award a grant.

If your application is unsuccessful, Herefordshire’s a Great Place will try to provide feedback and signposting to alternative funding and advice on sustainable community arts projects.

Please note if you have already received a grant under this scheme you can not apply again until 18 months after the date of that application.

Click here to download a copy of these application guidelines.