Expert Advice: Top Tips for Exploring Heritage with Young People

Birmingham-based ViewfinderUK recently shared fantastic advice based on their experience of heritage projects that activity challenged, engaged, developed and empowered the young people involved.

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Here's a taster...

"1. Make it dynamic.

When working on a project with young people, one of the first challenges you face is engaging them on a consistent basis and keeping them focused on achieving the outcomes you have set out together.  One way to do this is to include as many different ways of working together as you can.  Trips to relevant places of interest, training in various fields that will help them achieve outcomes and different and fun experiences always help.  For example; for our recent “Irish Centre” project we had professional Irish dancers come in and teach us some moves and a traditional Irish cook showed us some traditional recipes to try.

2. Let them take the lead (train them and let them go)

A big part of the project is the young people’s involvement and their development.  In some ways, it is the most important part.  It is vital to give them the freedom to expand and develop their own horizons as well as the direction of the project.  Remember that you are there to guide them and steer them.  Provide them with the opportunities, training and advice and then let them apply all that they have learnt to the project.  They will always surprise you.

3. Show them their work (early edits/pics and photos of them tweeted etc.)

A heritage project can be long and keeping a group of young people interested and enthusiastic is vital to its success.  One way to do this is by showing them the fruits of their creative work as early as possible...."

Lauren Rogers