Inspiration: Look! Look! Look! at Berrington Hall: contemporary art inspired by place

Look! Look! Look! at Berrington Hall is a contemporary artwork that bears more than a passing resemblance to a giant pink pineapple. 

And there's a good reason for that! The artwork is directly inspired by the history of the National Trust property near Leominster, particularly the story of pineapples as a statement of wealth when they were regularly imported, eaten and even grown at Berrington.

The pavilion stands tall in the garden; weather proof and open to the public. It innovatively responding to traditional ideas of 'heritage' in the setting of this genteel Georgian manor house.

Image: Ivan Morrison

Image: Ivan Morrison

As part of the Trust New Work programme at Berrington, artists Ivan and Heather Morrison were commissioned to create the piece to help highlight the work of landscape designer Capability Brown, whose final walled garden is found at the Herefordshire estate.

The arts interpretation of English country house heritage is not only contemporary and drawing in new audiences, it has raised the profile of the property's past and strengthened Herefordshire's link to the work and legacy of Capability Brown. 

Here are some examples of the national arts media coverage that Look! Look! Look! received:

Telling the story of the pavilion, the team at Berrington said: "Its form is inspired by the story of pineapples being imported and eaten during the eighteenth century as a statement of wealth and we've found evidence of them being grown in the garden at Berrington. The Georgians were also fond of popping up temporary pavilions made from wood and canvas or material for shelter whilst, entertaining, dining, reading or even for illicit meetings."