Inspiration: the Crafta Webb community film

More than 120 people from the Herefordshire villages of Bredwardine, Staunton on Wye and Letton worked with Hereford-based Rural Media to create a community film that told the story of lost village of Crafta Webb.

Filming Crafta Webb.jpg

Once home to dozens of families, the origin and demise Crafta Webb is a local mystery, yet its existance raises important questions for 21st century rural life - questions about rural connections, isolated populations and why a community faded away.

To tell the story of this disappeared place, filmmakers and local people worked together to devise, perform and film a powerful new drama. They also created a series of documentaries, a short animation and a book that captured the spirit of the long lost village and documented the life of the project itself.

In the foreword of the 2007 DVD release, director Ken Loach said: "We are accustomed to experiecing a film as something that is presented to us, sometimes in the cinema but more usually on television or DVD. To make a film, however short or on whatever scale, is a good way of investigaging a past event, a place, a contemporary issue, or just a narrative with conflicting characters.

"The process forces you to ask questions and gfind the answers through research. It means that you see the world through a stranger's etes and maybe find a new perspective on familiar teritory.

"I'm sure the participants and contributors to Crafta Webb found the experience enlivening."

The Crafta Webb community project is an example of how film can raise the profile of lesser known heritage, and how local people are empowered when they are truly involved in the design, development and delivery stages of cultural activity.




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