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Herefordshire's Hidden Gems grant scheme is not only open to Herefordshire-based arts or heritage groups, and that’s because we want everyone to care about and get involved in culture.

You don’t strictly need to be within the county border either. What's most important is that your Hidden Gems project directly benefits people living in Herefordshire.

We accept applications from formally recognised organisations including charities, trusts, registered companies, schools and colleges, and statutory bodies including town, parish or community councils.

If you are a voluntary or community organisation you must be one of the following:

  • A registered charity
  • Constituted group or club
  • Community interest company (CIC)
  • Social enterprise

Unfortunately we cannot accept applications from:

  • Individuals
  • Sole traders
  • Informal or non-constituted groups
  • Organisations based outside of the UK
  • Applications made by one organisation on behalf of another

If you are an individual or from an informal group but you'd still love to be involved in a Hidden Gems project, we suggest a few ways forward...

1. Find out if eligible organisations in your area are applying for Hidden Gems funding, and see if you can get involved in their project.

2. If you can't find local projects, you could contact eligible organisations directly to drum up interest and together apply for Hidden Gems funding.

If you are still unsure about whether you can apply for Hidden Gems grant funding, you call us on 01432 344039 or email

For braille transcription, large print, or audio transcription of the Hidden Gems guidelines and application form please contact the Herefordshire's a Great Place team on 01432344039 or